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The final cost depends on the volume of examinations and procedures. Prices do not include costs for the medicines needed for the treatments nor the office fee.

Office fee 19,50 € (includes the fee for Kanta-services), Saturdays 21,50 €.

For uncancelled bookings we invoice 30 €.

You may obtain the reimbursement from Kela directly at the Aura Klinikka.

Direct reimbursement by Kela of the costs for infertility treatment is subject to the requirements set by Kela. As a rule, women under 43 years of age who use their own egg cells for infertility treatment will be reimbursed by Kela.

The Aura Klinikka reserves the right to make pricing adjustments.

We check the client’s payment history and disruptions before entering agreements on fertility treatments.

You may apply for a Resurs Bank credit at the Aura Klinikka. Just call us for more information!

More information about our prices by phone 02-2334418 or e-mail info@auraklinikka.fi.