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Our Rates

The final cost depends always on the volume of examinations and procedures. Prices do not include costs for medicines needed for treatment. 

Clinic fee 21,50 € (saturday 23,50 €) + Kanta fee 2 €

Appointments should be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. For late cancellations and missed appointments, we reserve the right to charge the full price of the scheduled service.

Payment methods

When visiting us, you can pay with the most common debit or credit cards. We also accept cash.
If you want a more flexible payment period, we also have a Resurs Bank credit account.

Doctor’s visit

Specialist appointment max. 20 minutesfrom 109,50 €
Specialist appointment max. 30 minutesfrom 127 €
Specialist appointment max. 45 minutesfrom 162 €
Specialist appointment max. 60 minutesfrom 176 €

Doctor’s visit and small-scale procedure for example insertion of intrauterine device, insertion or removal of contraceptive implant

Specialist appointment 20-45 minutes and procedure173-236 €
Vaginal colposcopy and biopsy specimenfrom 384 €

Gynecological ultrasound (time-based specialist’s appointment fee is added)

Gynecological ultrasound115–207 €

Ultrasound to examine pregnancy situation (incl. doctors fee)

Early pregnancy ultrasound (under 12 weeks gestation)188€
Pregnancy ultrasound after 12 weeksfrom 276€


Pap smear + pathologist’s statement50 €
Telephone consultations including prescriptionfrom 70 €
Prescription renewal40,50 €

Infertility treatments

Insemination with own sperm (AIH) (incl. semen washing and insemination day US examination)456 €
Insemination with donated sperm (AID) (incl. sperm treatment and insemination day US examination; does not contain sperm)390 €
In vitro fertilisation (IVF) (incl. 2 x US, egg collection and semen washing, embryo culture 2-3 days, embryo transfer)from 2911 €
In vitro fertilisation by micro-fertilisation (ICSI) (incl. 2 x US, egg collection, semen washing, micro-fertilisation of mature eggs, 2-3 days of embryo culture, embryo transfer)from 3731 €
Extended embryo culture (days 4-6)200-600 €
Freezing of embryos (incl. first-year storage fee)1-2 embryos 300 €, 3-5 embryos 400 €, 6-8 embryos 500 €, 9 embryos or more 600 €
Defrosting and embryo transfer of frozen embryos (FET/PAS) (incl. one follow-up US study)1162,50 €
Freezing and storage of sperm for 1 year350 €
Annual sperm storage fee250 €
Donated sperm670 € /straw/treatment
Treatment with donated egg cells (incl. donor care and medicines, egg collection, semen washing and IVF fertilization, embryo culture 2-3 days and fresh embryo transfer)from 7020€
(ICSI from 7890 €)

You can see the full price list in Finnish from this link.

Aura Clinic reserves the right to make adjustments to pricing. Rates as of 1. of September 2022.