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Our Rates

The final cost depends always on the volume of examinations and procedures. Prices do not include costs for medicines needed for treatment. 

Clinic fee 21,50 € and during the weekends 23,50 €. 

For uncancelled bookings we invoice 30 €.

You may obtain reimbursement from Kela directly at the Aura Clinic. Direct reimbursement from Kela of the costs for infertility treatment is subject to the requirements set by Kela. As a rule, reimbursement is provided for women under 43 years of age who use their own egg cells for infertility treatment.

The Aura Clinic reserves the right to make adjustments to pricing. Rates as of 1. of November 2019.

Doctor’s visit

ServiceRateCost after Kela reimbursement
Specialist appointment max. 20 minutes104,50 €91 €
Specialist appointment max. 30 minutes121 €104,50 €
Specialist appointment max. 45 minutes154 €133 €

Doctor’s visit and small-scale procedure for example insertion of intrauterine device, insertion or removal of contraceptive implant

ServiceRateCost after Kela reimbursement
Specialist appointment 20-45 minutes and procedure165-203 €151,50-182 €
Vaginal colposcopy and biopsy specimenfrom 269,00 €from 242,00 €

Gynecological ultrasound (time-based specialist’s appointment fee is added)

ServiceRateCost after Kela reimbursement
Gynecological ultrasound115–207 €104–181 €

Ultrasound to examine pregnancy situation

ServiceRateCost after Kela reimbursement
Early pregnancy ultrasound (under 12 weeks gestation)183€152,50 €
Ultrasound for examining pregnancy situation (over 12 weeks gestation)270€(237,50 €)


ServiceRateCost after Kela reimbursement
Taking pap smear + pathologist’s statement50 €45 €
Telephone consultations including prescription59 €47 €
Prescription renewal outside office appointment40,50 €28,50 €