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Young patient’s visit to the gynecologist

The first visit to a gynecologist in a young person’s life may relate to the need for contraception, menstrual pain, missing or profuse menstrual bleeding, skin problems or a concern about the phase of development in comparison to others of similar age.

The visit will probably feel stressful or even embarrassing, but a gynecologist who gives enough time and takes the needs of the young patient into consideration will alleviate stress and anxiety.  Often a pelvic exam will not be needed during the first visit. The goal is to have the patient leave the gynecologist’s office with a feeling that she has got the advice and service she needed and that she will take good care of her health through the coming years toward adulthood!

Menstrual pain is often belittled. If regular NSAID tablets do not provide sufficient relief of menstrual pain or if the menstrual pain leads to lost days of school or to hobbies needing to be skipped, a visit to a gynecologist is in order. Profuse or irregular periods are common problems for young females, but they tend to level off in time. This may nevertheless take several years and that’s why a gynecologist and the patient could together plan proper therapy.

Most young people think much about contraception, dating and sex. Together with a gynecologist a young patient may check the best alternatives and arrive at a solution. “Is this normal” is a question a young person may put to her doctor, regardless of whether the matter concerns health, feelings, problems of body image or finding and putting proper limits in how to interact with others. Vaccinations may also be a topic for discussion at home. A physician will provide the necessary information reliably and without fuss.

Lack of menstruation may be due to a normal, possibly familial, delay, weight changes and excessive sporting, but the possibility of pregnancy needs to be kept in mind. If there have been no periods by the person’s 16th birthday or if previously regular periods have stopped for 3 months or longer, this needs to be looked into. When the patient provides a clear view of what has happened (patient history), the gynecologist will get a good idea of what might be the matter and a few well-targeted examinations may be all that is needed.

At the Aura Klinikka we have no queues and your can book a time that suits yourself best. If you want, you may take you boy- or girlfriend, your mom, dad or some other friend along to support you if you feel anxious. Everything that is discussed with you at the clinic is strictly confidential, and the doctor’s examination is not painful.