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Lifestyle factors affecting male reproductive health

The role of healthy lifestyle is well recognized in male and female fertility. Environmental factors may also play a role in the decreasing sperm quality that has been taking place in the industrialized countries for las past decades. Some lifestyle factors work by affecting the hormonal balance, others by changing the sperm DNA integrity.

We recommend you stick to:

  • non-smoking
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • regular moderate exercise – very strenuous exercise can actually reduce your fertility
  • a balanced diet – if your diet is very low in antioxidants and nutrients, sometimes a supplement is recommended, but always consult a specialist first, as many male diet supplements may contain anabolic androgens, which are very harmful for your fertility
  • do not take testosterone or anabolic steroids in any form
  • avoid excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drugs
  • if you are taking prescription medication, check with your doctor if it affects fertility