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Maternity clinic services

The maternity clinic at Aura Klinikka is a private maternity clinic which provides exactly the services to individual families that the families need. You may attend for maternity follow-up at Aura Klinikka throughout your pregnancy or attend for some extra visits at Aura Klinikka, in addition to the municipal maternity clinic services. Just book the occasional visits at Aura Klinikka during your pregnancy. You can book your first visit to the maternity clinic when the pregnancy test has turned positive.

The maternity clinic is run by a team with Nina Ahtinen, midwife and health nurse, Hilla Peltonen, physician, Mirja Kiiskilä, physiotherapist and sexual therapist and Valpuri Seikkula, physiotherapist.

Costs of service at the maternity clinic:

First visit 135€ (90 minutes) 
Lab tests in connection with the first visit 230€
Subsequent visits 95€ (60 minutes)
Pregnancy ultrasound (by nurse or midwife) 80€
Home visit by midwife after delivery 189€

Prices for visits to the doctor of the maternity clinic follow the regular price list. Lab tests during pregnancy are priced separately.