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Pelvic floor physiotherapy and maternity physiotherapy in various life situations

Before delivery, if you want to know the condition of your pelvic floor muscles and how to train them and the midbody muscle

After delivery, if you have continence problems or abdominal muscle separation. Try to figure out what type of exercise would fit yourself best.

  • If you have urinary/fecal incontinence or flatulence or need to urinate more often.
  • If you have gynecological prolapses that do not need to be treated with surgery.
  • If you have painful intercourse:vulvodynia, vaginism or a painful/tight scar tissue.
  • If you have undergone pelvic surgery.
  • If you have a feeling of dumbness of the pelvic floor.
  • If you have pain in the coccyx (tailbone).
  • If you are a man and you experience the pelvic pain syndrome, prostatitis or urinary incontinence after treatment of prostate cancer.

We examine the pelvic muscles and structures with electromyography (EMG), ultrasound and – the client permitting – clinically. Together we design a suitable training/exercise program, adapted specifically for your needs. We can also discuss issues related to sexuality. My approach to the needs of my clients is holistic.

Mirja Kiiskilä 

Sexual counseling, sex therapist, life coach, spinal health advisor, physiotherapist
Physiotherapy of pelvic floor disorders

Tiina Malmisalo 

Physiotherapist, specialist physiotherapist, sexual counseling, music therapist, coach
Long experience (since 1994) in functional physiotherapy of the pelvic floor

Valpuri Seikkula 

Physiotherapy of functional pelvic floor disturbances (for men and women)

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