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Physiotherapy and maternity clinic services

Pregnancy and delivery affect the female body in many ways. Hormones and posture change and there is strain on the tissues during pregnancy. These changes may cause musculoskeletal symptoms and affect the function of the pelvic floor. Typical problems of pregnancy are numbness of the limbs, back pain, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy may be carried out during pregnancy and after delivery. Pregnancy does expose the pregnant women to any specific symptoms, but this does not mean that emerging problems could not be dealt with and eliminated during pregnancy. Prevention of symptoms is very important and there is no point in remaining complacent. Pregnancy affects sex life. Changes in the body, changing hormone activity and concerns about the well-being of the developing baby may affect libido.

After delivery, hormones are still affecting the body of the new mother. Carrying, breast feeding and nursing the newborn moves the mother’s center of weight to the outside of her body. Handling and nursing the baby in many ways improves the motor skills of the baby. Versatile handling and variable positions of carrying the baby benefit the baby’s development and inhibit one-sided strain on the body of the mother, father or partner.

Physiotherapy may be carried out as individual visits or as a program involving three visits. The visits may be divided into separate phases.  The best time for the first visit is early pregnancy. Depending on the need, the next visit after that might be best scheduled to a time around the end of the second trimester and beginning of the third.  The final visit might be best after delivery. A good time to book the final visit of the program is when postpartum bleeding has stopped. After Caesarean section it’s best to have the final visit after at least a month after delivery, so that scar healing is on its way. Rehabilitation after delivery may also be supported by individual visits after the three-visit program, if needed.

The visits include examination of the pelvic floor and, on the basis of what is found, a plan for training on your own and additional therapy if needed.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, often called morning sickness, can be alleviated with medical acupuncture.

Three-visit program during pregnancy and after delivery 

We have designed a three-visit program during pregnancy and after delivery. The visits may be solo visits or group visits. 
1. The first visit focuses on discussing the relationship between the couple and sexuality. The participants make this visit as a group for added peer support.
2. The second visit is about how to handle and carry the baby and about breast feeding, especially about body positions for breast feeding.
3. The third visit is for pampering the mother. A moment just for yourself, and soft massage of the scalp and feet with ethereal (essential) oil is a proper compensation for the challenges of the past year or so.


First visit 110€
Follow-up visits á 85€
3-visit program 255€ (á 85€);
Acupuncture 50€/session
Acupuncture 5 visits 225€ (á 45€)