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Semen analysis

Sperm or semen analysis is the traditional way to assess male infertility. Sperm analysis assesses the semen volume, sperm count, motility of sperm as well as morphology of the sperm. The presence of sperm antibodies is also considered significant. For accurate results, particular attention should be given to carefully carry out the instructions given to prepare yourself for giving the semen sample.

While the sperm analysis does correlate with the time a couple spends trying to conceive, it is important to realize that a change in a single parameter rarely proves to be the only factor contributing to a couple being infertile. There is also remarkable variation in the sperm parameters of healthy, fertile males, which makes the sperm analysis particularly difficult to interpret. Sperm analysis should always be repeated if the first analysis is abnormal. 

In cases with low sperm parameters in repeated semen analyses, a visit to an andrologist is recommended to further assess the cause of reduced fertility.