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Sexual therapy

Sexuality is a basic human quality and cannot be isolated from being human.

Sexual therapy is a therapy method for individuals and/or couples to manage questions related to sexuality. It’s about precisely those questions that you or the both of you have been pondering over. Often the discussion is about sex and the challenges of being a couple. Some of the background problems may relate to disturbances of the sex functions, to difficulties in the field of emotions and emotional life or to a lack of libido (sex drive) or to incompatible libido between the couple. The problems are rarely exclusively physical, functional, mental or social.

Sexual counseling provides help and support to solve sexuality-related questions. Sexual counseling is intended for all who need advice. You are welcome alone or together with your partner regardless of age.

You can book and appointment with Merja Kiiskilä, sexual therapist at Aura Klinikka.